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Arts & Business Scotland becomes Culture & Business Scotland with new identity and strategic vision

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Posted 28 March 2023

The former Arts & Business Scotland has today announced its rebranding to Culture & Business Scotland, as well as launching its strategy for the next five  years.

Since the charity’s demerger from Arts & Business UK over a decade ago, it has significantly extended its reach across both the Scottish business and culture sectors, now encompassing heritage as well as the arts and further developing its offer to businesses.

Uniquely positioned as the only agency in Scotland to act as a conduit between the two sectors, the organisation has now repositioned itself as Culture & Business Scotland, part of its aim to ensure that potential beneficiaries across both the culture and business sectors better recognise the value of its work.

Along with its rebranding, the newly renamed Culture & Business Scotland is setting out its strategic plan. In alignment with its commitment to helping both sectors to thrive, the strategic plan accounts for the challenging economic backdrop the organisation is operating in and focusses on ways to mitigate the effects of this.

The legacy of Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crises continue to present challenges to the culture sector, compounded by pressures on public funding. Culture & Business Scotland’s strategic plan addresses this by supporting the culture sector to access new opportunities and models of working, while ensuring that businesses gain an edge over competitors by mobilising the innovation and creativity offered by cultural organisations.

The organisation’s Strategic Plan outlines three key strategic goals:

  • a commitment to championing the benefits of cultural experiences, both for individuals and collectively, and advocating for investment in culture based on the value it brings to social, civic and economic life;
  • further cultivating relationships between the cultural and business industries, including expanding membership to the organisation itself, facilitating funding opportunities between the two sectors and delivering and promoting the Culture & Business Marketplace Scotland initiative and ;
  • offering sector-specific training and development possibilities, as well as collaborating with industry partners to offer insights into compelling industry issues and provide professional expertise on relevant topics such as governance, fundraising and sponsorship.

Collaboration remains key to Culture & Business Scotland’s ethos, and the strategic plan will continue to uphold the organisation’s dedication to forming and building strong connections with other agencies, local authorities, higher education institutes and third-sector interfaces.

As an organisation, we have grown and evolved immeasurably over the past decade, and the new naming and repositioning of our identity reflects this. Our rebranding to Culture & Business Scotland demonstrates our fundamental commitment to both sectors while ensuring that all potential beneficiaries can recognise the scope of our work and the value it can offer them.
David Watt, CEO of Culture & Business Scotland
Scotland’s cultural industry faces a challenging set of circumstances, but it also has immense potential. By helping to forge connections between the cultural and business sectors, providing genuinely meaningful training and development opportunities for creative and industry professionals and advocating for the value of cultural experiences, we’re supporting the cultural sector to fully harness this potential and strengthening its ability to weather the challenges ahead.

Our new strategic plan is a manifestation of our values, vision, and mission, and reinforces our resolve to enable mutually beneficial connections and relationships between the cultural and business sectors – a unique commitment among Scottish organisations.
Jane Morrison-Ross, Chair of Culture & Business Scotland

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