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1 Inspiration


From setting up a workplace library to putting a business team through its paces on an archaeology dig and from writing a play that reflects a workplace challenge to curating a workplace art exhibition, the range of products and services developed for the C&BS Marketplace are nothing if not diverse. Every creative solution, however, has one thing in common – it’s been inspired by the specific needs of organisations in the business sector. Take time to review the products and services already on offer, read our handy FAQs and start thinking about what your organisation could bring to the C&BS Marketplace!

2 Application


We’ll open the C&BS Marketplace for new applications on a regular basis. If you’re interested in listing a product or service on the C&BS Marketplace, you’ll need to attend an Application writing workshop – in person or online – where we’ll guide you through how to introduce your organisation, how to package and pitch your product or service, and how to demonstrate the ways in which your creative solution meets defined business needs. After the workshop, you’ll have a further week to develop your response and submit your application form for consideration.

3 Finalisation


Once we receive your application form, we’ll get in touch to let you know if it meets the criteria for the C&BS Marketplace. If your application is successful, we’ll help you to develop or refine the information you’ve provided and create a listing for the C&BS Marketplace. You’ll be required to take part in training (delivered both in person and online) on Making the pitch, Sales fundamentals, Constitution and legal trading guidance, VAT and tax guidance, and Insurance and risk management guidance, so that you’re all set to sell. Once you’ve completed this training, will your listing be uploaded to the C&BS Marketplace.

4 Evaluation


We will evaluate the delivery and outcome of every product or service that’s commissioned by a business organisation through the C&BS Marketplace. This encourages you as the ‘seller’ to ask for helpful feedback from your business clients and learn from each delivery experience. As the Marketplace is subsidised by third-party funding, evaluation also allows us to review how different creative solutions are working against the business needs we’ve defined, and report on positive impacts to secure ongoing investment. We therefore need you to complete and submit your evaluation form within two weeks of delivering your creative solution to a business client.

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